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Are you suffering from ringworm and interested to know about an effective treatment for ringworm, then lets understand first what actually ringworm is and how to identify it? Ringworm is an infection of skin caused by fungus, hence it is also called as a fungal infection. However, ringworm can affect people of any age group, but commonly it occurs in children. The human body consists of many types of bacteria and fungi, some of them are good bacteria and works for the growth of body whereas others can cause infections.

A highly contagious disease -Treatment for ringworm

In medical terminology ringworm is known as Tinea. Generally, ringworm happens when Tinea ( a type of fungi) grows and multiplies on your skin surface. There are many types of fungal germs, thus some can infect skin whereas others can infect scalp, hair, nails, foot and other parts of the body. As ringworm is a highly contagious disease it can easily spread from one person to another just by touching or come in contact with the things used by a ringworm infected person such as towels, combs, soaps and others. Apart from human beings ringworm may occur in pet animals too and may transmit the infection to humans. Pet animal such as cats are the common carriers of fungus causing ringworm.

An effective treatment for ringworm in human beings

People often rely on either direct contact method or anti fungal medications for treating ringworm. Both the methods have been proven to be an effective treatment for ringworm. The infection causes skin irritation and discomfort to the sufferer. The fungi is responsible for the infection is known as dermatophytes and it tends to grow in warm areas of body. Ringworm may result in itchy, scaly and patchy and reddened skin. The infection usually starts from red sore and gradually develops in larger size. Here mentioned some important ways of treating ringworm infection.

Antibiotics- Though antibiotics are best to cure ringworm quickly, but these should be taken only after consulting the doctor. Antibiotics should be used only when the skin is already plagued with bacteria. This happens usually when the patches are exposed to dirt and other harmful substances.

Anti fungal creams- Anti fungal creams work well against ringworm. By applying the cream on the affected area twice a day, the ringworm can be cured easily and will prevent the fungus from spreading on your skin.

Oral medications- If the fungal infection does not react well to anti fungal creams, in such cases oral medications can be used but after consulting the doctor and prescribed medicines can be taken.


How To Treat Ringworm by HowToTreatRingworm

Surgeries- In severe cases of infection surgeries are recommended by the doctor, especially when the infection has gone deep into the skin.

Ringworm can be cured easily, but may lead to serious complications if proper attention is not given at the right time. Medication vary and depend on the affected area, hence you may use the different methods of treatment for different areas of skin. It is very important to treat ringworm at an early stage before the condition gets worse. The ideal treatment for ringworm is to have an environment where the fungi cannot multiply.


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Is there any Natural Treatment for Ringworm Available?

Are you aware of the fact that Natural treatment for ringworm is more effective and reliable compared to modern ways of treatment for fungal infections? A natural homemade remedy contains no chemicals and heals the wound without any side effects quickly and forever. Ringworm is highly infectious and caused by a fungus named dermatophytes. However there are prescription medications available to get rid of this infectious disease, but there are home remedies that will work too. Natural remedies are easy to afford and are very effective. The treatment for ringworm varies and depends on the individual conditions. Ringworm can be cured permanently, all you need to give proper care and attention at the right time before it transforms into any serious complication.

Common symptoms and natural treatment for ringworm

Though fungus infection can affect people of any age, but it is common among children. As ringworm is highly contagious disease, it can spread through skin to skin contact and by the use of contaminated items or when comes in contact with pets carrying the fungus. There are various different types of ringworm that affects the skin on your body, the scalp, groin area and feet. Though the signs and symptoms vary depending on the type of ringworm, but there are a few common symptoms, which includes

  • Scaly patches
  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Blisters
  • Reddened skin

Home remedies- Natural treatment for ringworm

Although there are alternative medication to heal wounds quickly but the best part of natural treatment is that it contains no harmful chemicals and heals the infected skin without causing any side effects. However studies have proven that the use of natural remedies is more effective in the treatment of different types of ringworm. Here’s a look at few key natural treatment for ringworm:

Garlic Extract- Garlic contains natural anti fungal properties. Garlic is one of the best and effective anti fungal treatments. Clinically it has been proven that the blood of people taking garlic has significant anti fungal properties. Garlic contains a natural compound known as Ajoene, which promise the best treatment for ringworm. Either you can consume the garlic extract daily or blend the raw garlic and apply the paste to the affected area with cotton balls.
Lemon grass tea- Consume a cup of lemon grass tea at least thrice in a day. You can also apply the used tea bags to the affected areas to clear ringworm infection faster.
Tea tree oil- It is an essential oil and is being used in many beauty products. It contains anti fungal properties which heals cuts, burns and infections. Apply the oil twice in a day.
Turmeric- Turmeric has natural antibiotic properties. Applying fresh turmeric juice to the patches till the ringworm disappears.
Raw papaya- Raw Papaya is another natural remedy. Either you can rub the raw papaya on the infection or make a paste of papaya seeds mix with apple cider vinegar and apply over the patches.
Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera contains many health benefits. Thus it treats the ringworm naturally. Apply the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area until the infection heals completely.

Natural treatments depend on individual’s skin type. If the condition get worsen and do not respond to home remedies contact your doctor immediately and use the prescribed medications. Natural treatment for ringworm is effective only when infection is treated at an early stage.

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